Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Chariot

Prompt: “Pull the card from your deck that matches [The Chariot from Tarot of the Hidden Realm]. Compare the imagery between the card provided and the card from your own deck(s). How would you read them differently and why?

The Chariot - Tarot of the Hidden RealmTarot of the Hidden Realm – Here we see controlled abandon in the card.  In the expression on the Fae’s features is joyous celebration of that abandon, but also a thread of confidence that displays even as she enjoys the ride, she is the one in charge of not just the speed at which they move but the direction that they go in.  This sense of control is reinforced by the bridle that the unicorn wears. The imagery here tells us that control doesn’t always have to be joyless and stoic.  Sometimes it’s in savoring the ride as we ride the chaos… instead of the chaos riding us.

Icarus Tarot, Hydesville Tarot, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Tarot

Icarus Tarot – Here in this card we have stagnancy in the sphinx that are attached to the chariot, and yet, there is absolutely no doubt that this figure is going to get where they’re going.  Fierce determination is in every cut and contour of the driver’s visage, control clear in the cut of the hands and curl of the fingers. This card displays savage determination and a will to come out on top, no matter the obstacles in their path.

Hydesville Tarot – Here we have the most “classic” of the images between the cards displayed with the military leader in full regalia, spear at the ready and in full control of the two horses (Pegasus in this case) that pull his chariot forward.  No reigns needed, for his control is complete and undeniable. The symmetry and balance present create a solid sense of stability. The expression on the driver’s face is one of studious determination.  They know where they’re going, have a plan, and they clearly have everything well in hand.

She-Ra And The Princesses of Power Tarot – Here in this card we have a lesson in extremes.  This card’s imagery is about losing control or taking on too much control.  When you lose control, others may step in and take the reigns, but are you sure that they can be trusted?  On the flip side, too much control leaves you like the figure in the background.  Alone and ignored, forgotten or feared.  This Chariot card is about finding balance between too much control… and not enough.


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