Gideon’s Challenge


with you
helping you
to understand
the symbols
and symbolism
of my path
brings me great joy.
Thank you
for being so open
and so eager
to learn.

Yesterday, when you came to me with the symbol on one of your oracle cards and asked what it meant, it felt so good to help you see the meaning in that small thing.

Like sitting on a bench looking out at the water with my head on your shoulder… Like a small kiss on my temple in like at the grocery store.   It was a joy and a pleasure and just a small… perfect moment.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. I enjoyed it too, babyboy. Very much, actually.

    I could have searched and tried to find the symbol by myself but it just…meant more, became more special in finding the meanings in you, with you. And yet still, with all of the profound meaning we found together in that time…it still equated to the same. All of it, everything…the protective circle, the elements, the eternal knot with no beginning and no end, the mighty oak and it’s deep, deep roots…it all leads me back to you.

    All roads lead to you. Everything points to you. Because you are my heart and soul, my moon, my stars, my sun and air…my everything.

    I love you babyboy. Always. And I appreciate all the help that you give me, all the support and encouragement that you offer along my journey of new discoveries. Thank you for loving me. Thank you, for being you.

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