Gideon’s Challenge


Standing strong
isn’t easy
but independence
doesn’t mean
you never lean
upon others
or ask for help.
It means that
even when you do
those things
you continue to walk
your own path.

When we first got together, I was terrified that our relationship would decimate my independence.  I did not want to be under the thumb of another, nor controlled by someone… anyone other than myself.   I have come to learn, though, that it is still very much possible to be both fiercely independent and in a loving and supportive relationship.  I’ve learned this because you were patient enough to not just teach me it can happen… but show me it is possible.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. *Grins* I never wanted to change you, only to love you and help you grow. And you are…and you have, so very much. You are a beautiful, talented, independent and self sufficient man who is also kind and generous and loving. You are the whole package, man.

    I’m so very lucky that you’re mine.

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