Self Care Saturday (on Sunday)

As I’ve mentioned before, these readings are (not usually) bearing in on any one thing or event in my life, as the question used is asking for a more general outlook. This is a self care exercise, and are not meant as a predictive reading.

The question is… What do I need to focus for self-care through the week ahead?


EarthKnight of Cups, Two of Swords, Marshmallow, and Black Bear – When I push too hard, I get kicked in the head. I need to make a choice between how much I’m willing to really put on my self, and how harsh I’m going to be with myself. The cards suggest another path that includes a softening and soothe. Now is a time to sink into the depth of the season’s cycles, and the cycles it inspires within me. Give in to the need for more rest, and use the tendrils of time I have left before the rush begins to rest up.

AirAce of Cups, Ace of Wands, The Tower, and Cow & Bull – Now is not the time for new inspiration and allowing the spark of enthusiasm and creativity to drive me. Instead, take some time to settle and relax. Allow the world to move by at its own pace instead of pushing this week. The time to push will come, but for now it’s time to sit back and watch the world go by at its own pace.

WaterThe Sun, Mullein, and Five Lined Skink – Everything happens for a reason. Difficulties happen and we learn to adapt to it, finding the fissures of connectivity of it within us, and move from it as we integrate it into the facets of our life.
Sink into the confidence that is brought about by knowing that when things fall apart, it is so that new and better things can be built out of the pieces.

FireTen of Swords, The Magician, White Sage, and Passiflora – It’s time to let go. This week there is a necessity to let go of the stresses that are sapping the life and joy out of the mundane and reconnect with the simple and joyous. Take some time to cleans your energy and recenter yourself. Seek out the pleasure and joy within the small and simple moments.

WaningThe Pit – This week I will be moving away from the push toward my inspirations and new ideas. This is a time for relaxing and resting, not digging new holes or planting new seeds.

WaxingCyanide and The Stars – In the week ahead it is important to focus on taking the feelings spurred by things not done and pressures of what is yet to come, and toss them out. This is a time to rest, and in return for getting rid of what plagues you and rides you so hard for so long, infinite possibilities will open up, and a oneness of connectivity will be strengthened.

Moral of the Story – Take a break… and give yourself a break. There’s going to be plenty of stress upcoming just around the corner. This week needs to be about rest, restoration, and healing the self from the normal abuses I usually dole out to myself on a daily basis.

Decks Used: Tarot de Marseille par Pole Ka, Illustrated Herbiary Cards, Illustrated Bestiary Cards, The Asylum Oracle


One thought on “Self Care Saturday (on Sunday)

  1. We talked about this briefly last night and yessss, my love, Even in “down times” you push yourself so hard, stress so much over work and what you are not doing, or what you are going to need to do…and what you are doing, that you never really take any down time at all.

    Your rest isn’t restful. Your vacations are not restful but full of stress.

    You need some time where you just relax and have some fun. Enjoy yourself. Take a break and just…breathe.

    I love you, baby love. Always

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