Trial By Fire… The Aftermath

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and twenty seconds, and focused on moving forward after struggle or loss.   This is an interesting topic for today, because the card that I’d drawn before meditation is a fitting correlation to this subject.

The guided meditation spoke of there being two different types of people that are displayed best by children.  There are those that build a sandcastle, then cry when the sea comes to tear it down and wash it away.  Then, there are those that watch the sea come to wash it away and begin to build again once it has retreated.

There is also a third type, though.   My type.    When the sea came to steal my sandcastles?  I cheered.  I thought it was the most AWESOME part of the entire process, that reclaiming by the sea.   And even now?  I have the same reaction.  I may not cheer… but inside I am dancing and laughing as I see the sea drag through the sand that’s been sculpted with such care.

I’m not sure -why- I have this reaction, but it is very much something that comes with within.   Perhaps that is why I do not find the Tower card so intimidating.

Today’s draw is the Six of Oak (Pentacles), which is a representation of harmony, vitality, and cooperation (as well as “humanity issues” and limitations) in the area of resources, finances, manifestation, and the physical world.

I usually see the Six of Pentacles in the tarot as a bountiful harvest card. It’s all about what comes after the five. Fives are filled with tests, struggles, and strife… and yet, when we get to the six, the storm is over, light shows on the horizon, and there is now bounty to be had and harmony to savor.

And that is what I see in this card.  I see a tree that has been through much, with dried bark and broken parts.  And yet, it has weathered the storm and still grows.  It produces leaves and nuts, offering its nourishment to the world.

This message is one of hope and encouragement for the trip that’s now looming on the horizon.  It speaks of the struggle I will no doubt go through (considering where I’m going and who I will be visiting), but it speaks as well of the time after.  It speaks of the light on the horizon at the end of the storm, and my resilience to get through the hard times and come out the other side still strong and resourceful.

Deck Used: Stolen Child Tarot

One thought on “Trial By Fire… The Aftermath

  1. *Grins at both your joy in having the sea reclaim your sandcastles as well as your message for today.

    You are resilient, my love. You are the strongest man I know, in fact. You’ve been through so much in such a short lifetime and you’ve come through every experience stronger for it. You will get through this storm too, babe. And you will be stronger for surviving it.

    Just remember that it is temporary and that I am always within reach, all you have to do is call for me.

    I love you so much, my angel. So much. I really wish you didn’t have to go but I know you’ll do your best to contact me as much as possible while you’re there…and I know without a doubt that you will get through this and be okay.

    I believe in you, love. I believe in all that strength and determination that makes you, well…YOU.

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