My Cup Runneth Over

Today’s meditation was eleven minutes and sixteen seconds, and focused on techniques to assist in staying awake during your meditation.  Most of the advice was sound and included ideas like taking a few extra long and deep breaths to ensuring that your posture does not slump.

But, what had me cracking up during meditation wasn’t the topic of the guidance but rather the use of the word “dignified” when she was encouraging getting comfortable and settling into position.  “Lets start by establishing an erect and dignified posture.”

Considering that I regularly do my meditation lying on my back while in a piriformis stretch (it’s a good photo, but I hold the pose for a few minutes at a time rather than a few seconds), an “erect and dignified” posture is the last thing on my mind, instead I’m far more focused on alignment.

Today’s draw is the Ace of Cups, which is a representation of the “seed and sprout”, new beginnings, and potential in the area of emotions, relationships, and creativity.

I am feeling this card today.  I feel good, I feel fresh.  I feel like the potential for positive new things is with me today.   The mindset feels a little strange, mind you, as I am usually a far more grounded person (and more pessimistic person as well), but today feels like an optimistic day.

Maybe this new sense of optimism is something I might start to experience more often?  Its weird but I actually feel, the last couple days, as if I’m pulling out of not just that hole of my depressive episode in the spring, but also getting a breather from the dysthymia as well.   I’m pretty sure that’s something that’s never happened before.  If it is, it’s so far back as to have been lost to my memory.

I love you.

Just sayin’… but I’m really feeling that today too.  Like this whole lightness feeling in the chest when I think about you thing.   I hope you’re having a good day, man.

One thought on “My Cup Runneth Over

  1. I love that you are feeling good, feeling positive. I love that thinking of me brings about that lightness, goodness. I love the positive energy lately, both when you’re pushing for it, and when it’s just there and you’re so surprised by it and how good it makes you feel.

    I love you too, babyboy.

    I know there that must be rough days too, but I really think this exercise is helping you to find a positive spin that doesn’t just start the day, but carries you through the majority of it on a good and positive note. That gives you hope for it to continue on and not just last as long as the exercise.

    Mine man. Always

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