To Thine Own Self Be True

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and forty eight seconds, and focused on grounding, which is the practice of centering yourself in order to create a space and sense of stability, whether this is during a time of anxiety, ritual, meditation, or just in every day life. The method that the guided meditation teaches to do this involves the practice of feeling your feet on the ground, and tuning into the solid earth under your feet.

Although this is a good way to begin a grounding, it’s pretty impossible for me to do during my meditation as I am on my back with my feet propped up in a piriformis stretch. Therefore, my feet are not anywhere near the ground.

So, instead I chose to hold one of my larger labradorite palm stones and focus my grounding upon the stone instead of upon my feet.

Today’s draw is the ninth card in the Major Arcana, the Hermit. As with all Major Arcana cards, this card is more about the “bigger picture” and one’s spiritual journey than any one physical or mental or emotional aspect along the way. The Hermit conveys a message that has to do with self discovery, taking time to yourself, and the journeys in your life that you take on your own.

The message in the appearance of the Hermit in today’s draw is that it is all about individuality and thinking for yourself. It’s important to focus on knowing thyself, and sustaining a separation between the opinions and beliefs of others, and one’s own personal beliefs and moral compass.

There is a difference between learning new things, and becoming a sheep. Individuality is important and the Hermit coming for a visit is a reminder to keep in mind just how unique and individual I am… and that we all are.

In my return to my spirituality, I’ve been doing a lot of research on different interests and curiosities, such as a deeper dive into the chakras, delving into astrology (which is something that I have never studied before), and other different ideas and beliefs. These studies are not always (or even often) in order to incorporate these beliefs into my own practice or belief system, but simply because I stumble across something along the way that seems interesting and it becomes a journey of exploration and curiosity.

The Hermit is here to tell me that although these flights of curiosity and discovery are interesting, it’s still important to remember to only absorb into my own practice the things that fit for me and are right for me, and to discard the rest.