Refilling the Cup

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and twenty seconds, and focused on finding happiness. 

That is to say, in realizing that happiness is in the now.  Not the past and not the future.  The past is the past.  The future hasn’t happened yet, and whatever “dream” of it you may conjure up may never happen.  But NOW in the present?   There and only there can you look for and discover real, enjoyable happiness.

Today’s draw is the Four of Swords, which is a representation on the theme of rest, respite, stability, shelter, and ease in the areas of the mind and thought, reason and logic, communication, and action.

The Four of Swords is a card of restoration and recuperation, indicating it is time to rest and restore your inner reserves for the challenges ahead.

This is an excellent message for me today, as today is my Self Care Saturday.  I’ve been trying to instill one of these Self Care days into each week, as they saying that you “can’t pour from an empty cup” has really resonated with me.

Self_Care_750x750-220x220You cannot offer what you don’t have.   If your cup is empty, how can you offer it to another to drink?   If my inner stores are empty,  then I have less to offer to not just others, but my own goals and endeavors.

I’m sure that during my holiday season when things are out of control, this will not be something I’m able to keep up on.   But until then, and after that marathon of six weeks is over, I think having a self care day is a good idea, if only to remind me that my needs outside of my goals are important too.