Summer Solstice – Celebrating Abundance


Today was (is) the Summer Solstice (aka Midsummer or Litha), which is a holiday for me. Many consider the Summer Solstice as the “first day of summer”. You hear it on the news all day long, it’s written on a copious number of calendars that way, etc. For me, this is completely inaccurate.

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. That means it is the absolute peak in the sun’s energy all year, and thus the peak of summer (as opposed to the beginning). After today, the days will again get shorter, the nights will become longer. This means that that bounty of energy will be waning. Thus…. Midsummer. Not the beginning of summer.

(Can you tell the whole “beginning of summer” thing is a pet peeve yet?)

The Summer Solstice is the pinnacle of growth and a time to celebrate the abundances in your life, whether they be intentions from the spring that have developed into fruition, the anticipated gifts of summer with ripe fruits and blooming flowers, or the unexpected blessings of surprise bounties.

Gratitude and celebration for these things is a key part of the Summer Solstice celebration, as is making a last bid for intentions you want to carry forward through the rest of the year. After today, as the days begin to wan into a shorter and shorter span, so too will the energies of the earth that nurture new life and buds as the time for harvesting comes in the wake of summer’s vigorous time of growth.

It is this spirit of gratitude and intention that I’ve carried with me as I moved through the day today.  I have so much to be grateful for… and you are at the top of the list, man.

I love you.

Use Your Intuition

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and focused on pausing to allow for space within yourself.

This is in reference to when you have a moment where your emotions spark either because you were triggered or for some other reason. Our first instinct is to react and respond immediately. But sometimes, it is better to take a pause and step away, give yourself time and space, and then come back.

I use this practice often when dealing with customers in my business. Sometimes people can be aggravating, frustrating, or just downright rude. By pausing and taking a step away before I respond to these types of people, it allows me to respond in a kind and courteous manner instead of simply reacting to what they are putting out there.

Today’s draw is the Two of Swords, which is a representation of division, duality, and openings in the area of the mind, thought, reason, logic, and communication.

The Two of Swords is all about choices and intuition. It represents not just that there are choices that will be present to decide upon, but that you need to trust more than just reason and logic in making them.

This is why the woman is blindfolded, as she is unable to clearly see the choices before her and make an informed decision. Instead she must trust her intuition to choose wisely.

The thing about intuition is that the more you use it, the more it will speak up. Whereas, the more that you ignore it or discount its input, the quieter it will become.

The appearance of this card today is a reminder to stay in touch with my intuition, and to not always depend so strongly upon logic and reason alone. Sometimes I feel I’m at the cusp of falling into that trap, and this is a good reminder that my decision making process is more than just an activity of the mind.