Slow Down

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and focused on how all the little things in life are what make life worth living.  The intent in the guided meditation was to learn to better focus and be grateful for all of those little things, rather than taking them for granted.

Today’s draw is the Eight of Wands with a jumper card of the Three of Swords.

The Eight of wands is a representation of fast moving action, or a quick and energetic forward movement or action in the areas of one’s passions and enthusiasm, inspiration, and drive.

The Three of Swords was my jumper card.  It is a representation of heartbreak and emotional pain and all that it entails, including not just hurt and pain, but also sorrow and/or grief.

It took me most of the day to grasp the message in these cards.   I think the jumper card just took me by surprise and, on only about 3 hours of sleep, my brain just couldn’t function enough to grasp what they were saying.

As this draw is for a positive message to carry with me throughout my day and provide perspective, you can imagine that I spent a good amount of time dwelling on this.  Funny how, after taking a nap, it just comes clear… just like that.

These cards in conjunction with each other are telling me that sometimes when you leap ahead and go at something full boor, that  you end up in a mess of hurt as a result.   It is a reminder to slow down and take my time.  Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and sometimes that means that you take your time and pour over the little details rather than forging ahead all gung-ho.