Shedding Skin

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and focused on creating balance in your life, not just between work and home but in all aspects. The guided meditation spoke on the necessity of balance in order to live a happy and healthy life.

This is a tenant that I am very familiar with and agree with. As you know, balance is something that I am always striving for. In some areas of my life I find it quite easily, and another areas it is always a struggle to achieve.

Today’s draw is the Six of Swords, which is a representation of transition and change in the area of thought, reason, instinct, and communication.

This card relates directly to the new changes that are going on in my life right now, not just in the reassertion of my spirituality, but also in my renewed efforts to find a balance between responsibility and the things that bring me joy.

When I drew the card, my focus was immediately upon where the points of the swords are embedded into the bottom of the boat.

Reading the card intuitively from that aspect, the appearance of the Six of Swords today is telling me that on my journey forward I need to be sure and check in with myself.

This means that I need to make sure that I am being true to my beliefs and values, while leaving behind any thoughts, assumptions, or habits that are not serving me, and may holding me back or slowing me down.