I’m the Boss

Today’s meditation was eighteen minutes and five seconds of a beginners Yoga Nidra, which I found very relaxing, but had to cut short because I was falling asleep.   I may try this one again at a later time when I’m not so tired, but I’m not sure about the guide’s voice, so maybe not.  We’ll see.

Today’s draw is the King of Wands, which is a representation of projective alpha energy, personality, or person in the areas of drive, passion, willpower, and the inner spark.  The card speaks of innate leadership abilities, entrepreneurship, honor, and inspirational vision.

This was a good card for today, as it was a reminder to me that I am the boss.  Sometimes, that can be a hard pill to swallow for me, but I -do- employ someone now, and I’m in fucking charge.

My helper likes to try and push the envelope sometimes when it comes to how many hours I’m willing to give her each week.   During the holiday season, that’s fine because there’s SO much work coming in, and I’m usually flush enough to afford it.   At this time of year, though… hell, I can barely pull off the hours I’m currently paying her, so she definitely isn’t getting any extra.

Its my business, and my finances, and I need to do what’s best for both.   Which means standing strong and staying true to my goals, my endeavors, my passions, and my truth…. and not allowing myself to cave under pressure.