Too Much of a Good Thing

Today’s meditation was skipped.

Cute Rabbit Tarot - The DevilToday’s draw is the Devil card, which is traditionally a representation of temptations, addictions, and the quandary that we get ourselves in when we go “too deep” into something we (at least initially in some way) enjoy.

Today I go to family to eat Easter dinner and it makes perfect sense to me that this card would pop up.  It’s a reminder not to go overboard.  I enjoy food, but no matter how good it is, it’s important to practice a bit of moderation if for no other reason that you don’t want to deal with the indigestion that comes from eating too much.

The message in today’s card is to enjoy the day. Enjoy the food.  Just don’t eat so much that you make yourself miserable.


@Lionharts #TheAprilTarot Light My Fire Challenge Prompt
: What steps am I guided to take to further awaken my inner fire?

Aianaiya Crystal Cards - Amazonite, Fluorite, AmethystReading Summary: You need to accept that you are not in a place that’s healthy for lighting that fire right now (Amazonite), and instead you need to try to focus on leaning into positivity and optimism (Fluorite). Doing this will help you to heal and reconnect with yourself (Amethyst).

Take Away: The issue here is that you’re too pushy with yourself, and a demanding taskmaster.  Every time you see the idea that you can “awaken your inner fire” you jump on it thinking it will help drive you forward and help you do more.

And, as these cards clearly indicate, that’s just not the energy that you need right now.

Instead, focus on recovery and using the tools of optimism and positivity to push back against the pessimism and negative inner narratives that aren’t allowing you the rest and healing you need.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2023 Challenge Prompt
: Do Spread 2
Question: How can I better get the rest and recovery that the cards have been saying I need?

With Love Little Pig & Little Bunny Postcard Set and Cute Rabbit TarotReading Summary: In the tarot cards in this reading, no one is holding anyone such as in the theme of the anchor card, but in the Ten of Pentacles, a child bunny reaches up to an adult seeking to be picked up. This speaks of comfort  (the hug) coming in acknowledging what you have accomplished (Ten of Pentacles) rather than what you strive to still do.

Only in the Page of Cups is there a link between the imagery and the pig through corresponding hues of pink and the position of the figures, indicating that it is important to reach for support and love that you can connect to through your budding emotions and creativity.

In the Eight of Pentacles, we break from the anchor card entirely as the small figure in the card’s imagery distances themselves from the worker. There is no closeness here and none of the warm healing that the anchor card calls for. This is a reminder not to set yourself apart and push yourself to work, and then expect things to get better. This isn’t what you need.

Take Away: Sometimes you have to be grateful for what you’ve already accomplished instead of always striving for more and better. In pushing yourself, you rob yourself of the joy of discovery and creativity. Everything becomes a chore, even those things you normally love. Give yourself the closeness, creativity, and bonding you need with others.  Prioritize these needs over your obligations and responsibilities to find the rest and recovery you need.


Daily Self Kindness

I ate a lot of really good food today.

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