Inspired Curiosity

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Toro Tarot - Page of SwordsToday’s draw is the Page of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of a receptive omega energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s thoughts, intellect, logic, ambitions, and communication. This often translates into themes that have to do with learning new ways to communicate with others, beginning new educational pursuits, exploring new ideas, and seeking to sate one’s curiosity.

What I notice most strongly about the imagery in today’s card is the spark of fire that is included in the feathers scattered throughout the image.  To me, this leans into the Wands suit a bit, and brings a bit of that energy into this card’s message.

The message in today’s card is to allow those things that spark passion in you to stir up your curiosity and passion for learning new things.  Let yourself explore rather than sticking to the straight and narrow, and see where your curiosity can take you and the inspiration you might find there.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2023 Challenge Prompt
Philosophical Question:
What does it mean to live a good life?

The Toro Tarot and Species by the Thousands Crystal TarotReading Summary: To live a good life is to find what makes you feel stable and right (King of Pentacles) through discernment and willpower (Amethyst and Pyrite), and then use organization to accomplish (Flourite) that overtime.

Take Away: You need a goal. One that makes you feel seated and suited. A goal that makes you feel that there is something right and good that you are working towards, that is fitted to you and what you need.  These cards are saying that living a good life is about keeping your focus on that goal and working toward it over time.  Without a goal like this to focus upon, these cards indicate that your time is wasted.

I’m not sure I entirely agree that -everyone- requires this, although I think that in many cases, this is absolutely the case.


@Lionharts #TheAprilTarot Light My Fire Challenge Prompt
: Where can I infuse more playfulness and curiosity in my approach to life?

The Toro Tarot - Wheel of Fortune, Five of Pentacles, Nine of WandsReading Summary: You need to accept that not everything can be stable all of the time, and choose to go with the flow (Wheel of Fortune) rather than sinking into despair when things are not going quite right (Five of Pentacles). In doing so you protect (Nine of Wands) your ability to be playful and the inner spark that spurs on your curiosity.

Take Away: The “where” in this reading’s question boils down to “in those places that feel like they’re falling apart when things aren’t going as planned”.  This “where” is then about your finances and your business, for these are the places where the wheel of fortune turning on its head can cause you to fall into a sense of scarcity and really sink into feelings of misfortune.

In order to infuse more playfulness and curiosity in to these areas, you need to feel safe doing so… and to feel safe requires you accepting that life is full of ups and downs, and that when you come upon one of those down times it doesn’t mean its the end of the world.


Daily Self Kindness

I started doing research today on where I want to source a new lilac tree for my balcony to replace the one that died out there over the winter this past year.

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