Lessons From the Past

Today’s meditation was skipped.

The Botan Tarot - King of SwordsToday’s draw is the King of Swords, which is traditionally a representation of a projective alpha energy, personality, or person in the area of one’s intellect, education, communication, and instinct. Part of this also includes imagination, although that can also touch upon the Cups suit as well.

What really stands out to me in the imagery of this card today is both the wings he wears in his headdress, as well as the fact that the King is facing staring into the past (facing left).

This speaks to me of the fact that Kings don’t just speak and give direction. They must also listen. It is through listening to others and the past that we make wise choices on how to move forward. Today’s card is a reminder that through experience (both our own as well as that of others) we learn… and those lessons are our responsibility to carry forward with us into the future.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2023 Challenge Prompt
Questions for April 1st

Materia Medica Oracle 2nd EditionWhat is the most valuable thing you can do for yourself this month?

Kava and Milk Thistle – Work at absorbing the fact that you can’t hide from your shit by using social media. (Scrolling on Instagram is enjoyable down time, but not productive.) Work at instilling more discipline to ensure you’re not using it as escapism and thus not getting anything done as a result.

What is the most valuable thing you can do for others this month?

Asheagandha and Mullein – Work on toning down your aggression a bit. You can accomplish just as much with a soft touch and a bit of sugar as you would with a baseball bat and some vinegar.  The aggression can be a bit off-putting to others.  It peaked a bit ago, but is still in the process of dissipating. Adding some conscious awareness to the process will help this go smoothly for you and everyone else too.


@Lionharts #TheAprilTarot Light My Fire Challenge Prompt
: What inner fire am I guided to ignite, nurture and honor this month?

The Botan Tarot - Ten of Cups, Four of Swords, The Fool, Eight of SwordsReading Summary: True happiness (Ten of Cups) requires times of rest (Four of Swords). Its foolish (The Fool) to turn a blind eye to your needs (Eight of Swords).

Take Away: Work on developing a closer connection with your needs this month instead of ignoring them as you normally try to do.

This includes everything from the normal self care stuff like eating and sleep to more vague themes such as how much better you feel when your laundry is done, etc.

Only when you get in touch with the things that you need and allow yourself to have them will you be able to connect more easily with the day to day happiness you crave.


Daily Self Kindness

I intentionally spent some time today chilling on the bed watching vid clips that make me laugh.  I also skipped the second half of my Month End reading instead of pushing myself to do it all.

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