Spirit Guides Tarot Reading

Spirit Guides Tarot Reading with The Painted Tarot

Card to represent the Spirit Guide with me through this reading.

Seven of Pentacles – This spirit guide has been with you for a very long time, and has been working to guide you into a state of slow and healthy growth with diligence and care. They seek to help you not just survive, but thrive, and work hard to guide you in that direction.

Something this Guide is currently helping me with.

Justice atop Ten of Wands – Learning how to avoid burnout and it’s consequences by helping to guide you into making better choices on how you expend your energy.

What my Guide wants me to know at this time.

Ten of Cups – You can be happy without having everything that you want by sharing what you have with others, and enjoying their company and support in your life. Lean into those that you support, as they are eager to support you as well.

How can I help get myself to this place/goal?

The World – Stay true to your beliefs and the person you want to become, as you stay open to the changes and new journeys that lie ahead. You’ve turned over a new leaf in your life by trying to treat yourself better, and you need to stay the course.

What is holding me back from reaching my goals?

Queen of Wands – Sometimes you can become a little bit too focused on supporting other’s dreams, and in the process you forget to foster your own. Although it is important to you to support those that you care about, make sure that you’re not overdoing it and neglecting yourself as a result.

How can I motivate myself to be more productive with my lesson?

The Devil – Seek out the pleasure in the goal, as well as in the journey to reach it. Your addictive tendencies will take care of the rest.

A way that this lesson will show up in my life in the near future.

Queen of Coins – You will once again be confronted with a need to support others and be that stability in their lives, and will need to make a choice about how you go about doing this so that it will not cause you overwhelm and lead to burnout.


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