Attracting Abundance Tarot Reading

Attracting Abundance Oracle Reading with L'Oracle des Miroirs

My current relationship with allowing abundance.

Santé – Your current relationship with allowing abundance is healthy and thriving. You don’t see this as your due, but rather one of those things your skills and abilities allow you to work towards.

How to get myself in alignment.

Voyage – Step outside and spend some time in nature. You’ve spent a lot of time avoiding doing what you know will help ground and center you throughout this spring and summer. The weather has been perfect for you to get out into the forest and spend some time among the trees, so stop wasting it by dawdling indoors.

An energy I need to integrate to have an enlightened perspective on abundance.

Projection – Remember that what your mind focuses on is what you manifest. Therefore if you are focusing on the negative and the pessimistic viewpoint, that is what you will manifest. By the same turn if you focus on positivity, optimism, and gratitude you will manifest more abundance as a result.

Current blessing I should be grateful for.

Compromis – The give-and-take of working with others in a positive manner allows you to manifest positive results should be acknowledged with gratitude. It is through this atmosphere of collaboration that you are able to get things done more easily and in a more timely manner.

What I should be investing my energy into to attract abundance.

Tranquillité – You need to invest more time in your spiritual practice and meditation. These things allow you to have a more grounded foundation upon which to work from to achieve your goals and attract more abundance into your life.


One thought on “Attracting Abundance Tarot Reading

  1. Someone needs to tell this reading that you can’t really go off and be aline in nature right now. Nor do you have a whole lot of extra time to be devoting to things.

    Your days are so busy you hardly have time to sleep now

    I love you

    Liked by 1 person

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