Weekly Creativity Prompt – Mood Boards

Prompt: “Draw a random card, and create a mood board for that card. You can use the card you drew in your mood board, but only that specific card from that specific deck (no others of the same card from other decks). Build your mood board using whatever other elements you wish to express the theme of the card and its meaning.

Mood Board for the Emperor - Tarots UniverselsThe Emperor puts out fires… and starts fires. He is the “man” in charge, and not adverse to the luxury provide through success that his position of authority entails, and yet he will work hard for those in his care. Encouraging growth in those that depend on him, he wants those around him to thrive, but will not tolerate usurpers that may try to step on his toes or lay claim to what is his.

Mood Board for the Fool - Tarots UniverselsThe Fool sees life as an adventure filled with unlimited potential and exciting things to explore. Vivacious and naïve, he bounds forward with carefree enthusiasm that is instilled in all that he does. Rose colored glasses and a sense of adventure make life for the Fool a treasure trove of experiences that he’s ready to plow into headlong without a worry to be found.

Mood Board for Judgement - Tarots UniverselsJudgement has sharp edges when at its harshest. A weight we carry as we gather up our experiences throughout life, then look for the exit sign while examining all we’ve collected. Its not about what we own but who we are and what we’ve done with our lives. Do we hide away from responsibility? Or step forward and shout out loud our truths? Through faith and love we reach the end not under the thumb of guilt, but ready to rise above.


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