New Moon in Pisces – March 2021

Today is the new moon, and like all new moons and full moons, I did a spread aligned to the moon’s current themes as a part of my recognition of the moon’s cycle and influences upon us. Today’s spread is about the medicine within, and brought to you by Sharron Basanti of Seeds of Shakti.

Pisces New Moon Tarot Reading - Star Tarot

1. What do I need to surrender to the ebb and flow of the waves?

Five of Cups atop Judgement – With my depression came a great deal of self loathing and hatred directed inward. This is not unusual, but it’s time to allow the energy shift of the new moon to fully release these thoughts and feelings and let them flow away.  Sometimes spilled cups are not something to cry over, but a blessing.  Let go of the sickness and look up.

2. In what aspect of my life can I be more fluid?

King of Cups – Gideon is the King of Cups in this reading, as he is from time to time indicated as such for me.  The answer here is that I can be more open with him, more “free flowing” with my feelings.   Sometimes this is easier for me than others, but… I’m trying.

3. How can I trust my intuitive inklings without doubting myself?

Ten of Swords – Don’t fight but allow these ‘inklings’ to wash over me and speak to me. My intuition speaks to me through my body.  Sometimes it is painful and uncomfortable, and it is in that discomfort when my intuition is speaking to me most strongly.  The imagery in this card tells me that I need to make sure I’m paying closer attention to those physical sensations and allowing them to “light a fire under my ass” instead of just acknowledging them.

4. As I drift into dream time, what messages are seeping through the veil from the other side?

Seven of Pentacles atop The Chariot – Slow down and smell the roses.  There’s no need to move fast, you can still control your direction and get where you’re going while moving at a slower and more manageable pace.

5. How can I hold space for my creativity to flourish and thrive?

Ace of Pentacles atop The High Priestess – Allow your intuition to play and have some fun with creation and manifestation. Your best ideas and creations come from this deep inner knowledge that bubbles up from within. Sometimes the brain gets in the way of that process.  Try shutting the brain off and connecting to your gut instead and see where it leads you.

6. Message from the Ancestors.

Nine of Wands Rx atop Nine of Cups – Keep your defenses low and foster feelings of gratitude and positivity.  Look at all you have with an appreciative eye without allowing the need to hoard or defend stir up within you and pollute the water with their poison and conflict.


One thought on “New Moon in Pisces – March 2021

  1. You can always reach out for you. You can always talk to me.
    And you know, without doubt, that I am always interested in what you are feeling. There is nothing about you that doesn’t interest me. I’m all in, babyboy. Always.

    You are never alone.

    You’re almost home now babe, you’re almost to the top of that long ass slippery slope, almost ready to burst out into the light. Keep pushing babyboy.

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