Weekly Creativity Prompt – Learning to Fly

Prompt: Pull at least three cards and use them to formulate a response to…
“You’re early,” said the Grim Reaper with a hint of surprise.

Paul Klee TarotSitting down with a sigh, the young man looked up at the Grim Reaper with a rueful grin and began to speak…

Well, you know how I always enjoy a good hike in the woods at night (The Fool atop The Moon). It’s one of my favorite things to follow along the deer trails and small paths through the silhouettes of trees cast upon a moonlit sky. I go often, and I know the mountain well. (Strength)

So I decided to go out last night and climb to the peak of Rosemont, and sit and relax for a while and meditate on life.  That particular peak has a breathtaking view of the river running through the valley below, and I go there often to enjoy some peace and quiet. (The Hermit)

Once I arrived, I settled comfortably on the edge of the cliff with a sandwich for a snack.  I was appreciating the splendor of nature around me and the quiet night song of subtle sounds. I ended up losing track of time. (The Empress)

I was having such a nice time and so wrapped up in my thoughts, the nip of the cool mountain air, and the view below… that I didn’t hear the bear approaching from behind. (Wheel of Fortune)

So when the bear chuffed in my ear in the process of looking over my shoulder at my sandwich (The Tower), it startled me badly that I jumped in surprise… right off the edge of the cliff I was sitting on. (The Chariot atop The Hierophant)

In the fall, I ended up caught on a root sticking out of the rocks. (The Hanged Man) I hung there for a bit before I came to the realization that nobody was going to come for me.  A long wait of starvation and dehydration sounded extremely unpleasant, so I said “Fuck it”. (The Magician atop The Emperor)  I took out my knife to cut myself free. (Justice)

And here I am. (Death)


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