Gideon’s Challenge


It takes
to try new things,
to open up
and spread your wings.
If it looks easy
don’t be fooled
I struggle
just as much
as him
or you.

I was told this morning that I make things look easy.  I was talking with my boss, leaning against the fence taking a break after teaching his son how to do a carburetor adjustment on the tractor, and he came out with it as we were talking.  “You make things look so easy, and I know they aren’t.  But watching you, it seems like you could do anything.”   Those were his words to me.

I was surprised, and deeply complimented as well… but definitely surprised.  I have a lot of skills, but I worked hard to learn and hone those skills.  They weren’t just magically bestowed upon me, but were developed through hard work and, at times, a lot of struggle. I’m not sure why the fact all that struggle and work not being obvious feels like a compliment… but it does.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. *Grins* That’s such an amazing compliment to get. And it’s true, you know…no matter how much you might struggle, you always manage to pull it off…whatever it is you’re doing. And you always do it so well and make it look easy, just like he said.

    What you don’t know, you figure out, you teach yourself how to do it and you knock it out of the park, every time. You’re amazingly talented and resourceful and brilliant. I’m so lucky that you’re mine


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