Most Used Crystals and Stones

Today’s prompt is brought to you by one of the Discord servers that I am a member of.  Just as a side note that I usually include with these discord questions… The reason I do not link these Discord servers is because each server has their own rules about if you’re allowed to share them publicly and how, and it’s a pain in the ass to look it up for each one so I just don’t share them.

On to the question… “What are your favorite crystals for your different practices/uses?


So first, I need to explain about crystals and stones, I think. This is a very bare-bones and layman’s explanation, but essentially, crystals hold vibrations, which is a scientific fact.  Different crystals vibrate at different frequencies. These frequencies are then used in different ways to act upon energy.

Some of the ways these vibrational frequencies are used includes healing both one’s energy and/or body, enhancing your own personal vibrational frequencies that exist in our cellular make up as well as on the metaphysical plane, using these frequencies in spellcraft and ritual to enhance the energies created or stirred up in these activities, or reinforce the intentions brought forth in those practices, etc.

When working with crystals, many find they are more sensitive to the energy / vibrations / frequency of some crystals over others.  For example, I find Labrodorite extremely pleasant and soothing… some people don’t.  This means that the frequencies that labradorite emits are frequencies that mesh well with my personal energy.

So, the question here is essentially asking, what stones are you drawn to use most often in your different practices.  In reply I’ve made a short list… in alphabetical order. I was actually surprised that the short list is so long. Although, I guess that I shouldn’t be since I incorporate stones into not just my meditation and jewelry designs, but also in spellwork, ritual, tarot readings for my clients, as well as everyday purposes.

Amazonite – courage, self-awareness, integrity and truth
Black Tourmaline – protection
Blue Lace Agate – emotional truths
Calcedony – encouraging kindness and generosity
Carnelian – fostering pragmatism
Citrine – lift (sort of lightening the “weight” of other energies)
Clear Quartz – all types of general energy boosting
Amethyst – used much the same as clear quartz, but on a specifically spiritual level
Desert Rose – emotional clarity
Fresh Water Pearls – clearing the path to wisdom and enhancing integrity
Garnet – Ancestral connections and enhancing feelings of devotion
Green Calcite – encouraging compassion
Honey Calcite – optimism and a motivational boost
Labradorite – meditation (solar plexus) for calming
Larvikite – cleanse and balance the aura, and healing energy leaks
Mangano Calcite – fostering peace and a sense of well-being
Moonstone – emotional stability
Moss Agate – grounding and clarity
Opal – self expression and fostering creativity
Rose Quartz – warmth towards self and others and the softening of jagged energies
Selenite – energy purification and cleansing
Smokey Quartz – meditation (forehead) for crisp thought
Snowflake Obsidian – fosters surrender to meditative states and appreciation of beauty

These are, of course, not all of the uses for each of the crystals and stones mentioned above, but they are what I personally use them for most often. They are also not the only crystals and stones I use in my practice (whether that be my spiritual, magical, or tarot practice).  It’s simply a “short” list of the ones that I use most often.

3 thoughts on “Most Used Crystals and Stones

  1. I’m interested in collecting a few crystals and seeing if I “vibe” with any in particular. This was a great read, babe, and very informative. Thank you for sharing this, baby.

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