Gideon’s Challenge

HealingThe Forest…

She reclaims as she heals
Taking back all that has fallen
And all that has been lost.
Nothing is wasted
For even the wounds
Can be returned to the earth
As she heals,
And new growth flourishes.

I’ve been thinking a lot today about the month’s end reading I did a couple of days ago. The forest isn’t the only one that recycles things… people do too.  My father’s influences and expectations carry on even after he has passed, whispering through my mind and, in some cases, making me who I am today… and tomorrow.

The key is to find a balance between those whispers and what I want for myself.

Photo © ZenStatePhotography

One thought on “Gideon’s Challenge

  1. Your post is beautiful, love. But you need to NOT be listening to your father. Not what he said then or what his “voice” is whispering now.

    YOU made you into the man you have become in spite of those disdainful whispers, not because of them. You get the credit, not him.

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