Weekly Creativity Prompt – Character Creation

Pull up to three cards and use them to… create and/or describe a fictional character.

Tarocchi Di Hokusai

One of The Nameless

Even in his youth, he was already an old man.  His grandmother saw it the first time she looked into his infant blue eyes, and even once that newborn shade darkened into a dark shade of brown, she wasn’t able to look back again.

It wasn’t just that his eyes were filled with an age he had yet to have lived, it was the desolate coldness in the rich brown gaze. There was a darkness there that went far beyond color.

As he grew up, he had no friends. It wasn’t that he wasn’t good looking, or even that he had some mysterious appeal.  It was just that he didn’t want them.  He felt no connection to them, and thus preferred to be alone.

This made him a perfect candidate for recruitment after he’d left the military, and the agency that picked him up trained him in skills that the military only hinted at, then began sending him on the kind of top secret missions that changed the world, one assassination at a time.


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