Today’s meditation was ten minutes and ten seconds long, and focused on self-soothing. That is to say, finding methods to self-soothe that work for you personally during times of stress and discomfort.

It covered a number of methods in mindfulness and meditation including breathing exercises, counting exercises, visualization, etc.

These are all methods that I’ve tried before, and most of them work for me on some level as long as I’m not overly worked up and toppling into the area of a snickers attack.

Today’s draw is the fourth card of the Major Arcana, the Emperor, which like all of the Major Arcana cards deals with “the big picture” rather than any one aspect of the human experience.

The Emperor card is a representation of authoritative energy, control, and structure. Its appearance today is a reiteration of what you have been saying over the past few days while I ride out the disorientation of my family’s new behavior.

That is to say, keep myself seated in a place of stability and strength. Enjoy the reprieve, but don’t allow it lull me into a place of vulnerability.

One thought on “Stability

  1. I don’t need to tell you that I agree with this message. But I’m glad that you are hearing me, love. I hate when you are hurt so I have to do all I can to try and protect you from afar.

    I will still hope that the good vibes last at least until you return home. Just a day and a half left now baby. You totally got this and I know without a doubt that you are more than ready to be home and cuddling Luna.

    I love you man. I can’t wait til we are both home and I can have you to myself. God I miss you.


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