Valuing the Trusted

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and forty seconds long, and focused on taking time to enjoy life instead of allowing life to push you ever forward in a state of overwhelm.

I think everyone has those times when life is overwhelming and you forget to pay attention to the little joys and small pleasures.  One of my favorite ways to get in touch with those little joys is to take my sister to a toy store.

We never went to toy stores as a kid, and this has become a HUGE fascination for her as an adult.  Take her in a toy store, and he face lights up like Christmas.  She can spend hours (yes, literally hours) going through the aisles playing with all the different toys and chatting about everything she sees.    She never spends a penny, but for her?  It’s like taking her to an amusement park.    And in taking her, she draws me into the silliness and fun that, if I’m honest, I have a difficult time connecting to on my own.

In today’s meditation, it talks about how focusing on those moments of joy and enjoyment are apart of what makes life worth living.   And its true.  Without the shimmer of light to dazzle us now and then, life can begin to feel very plain and drab.  It’s important, when that twinkle appears, that you take a minute to enjoy it and appreciate its presence.

Today’s draw is the Three of Brine (Cups), which is a representation of small gains, harmonious unions, small groups, and communication in the area of the emotions, relationships, intuition, and creativity.  This can come across in many ways such as successful collaborations, friendship and comradery, community celebration… or on the negative side, the “three’s a crowd syndrome”.

When I look at today’s card I see community and friendship.   The three stingray-children that gather together have their heads dipped in a display of the depth of sharing they have with each other.   The one facing forward displays that his heart is exposed, which to me expresses not just that he wears his “heart on his sleeve” but that he feels safe being vulnerable and exposed in this environment and with these people.

This card speaks to me today of remembering who is important and who is ‘safe’ in your life to share those inner most parts of you that, when exposed, leave you vulnerable.  It’s about knowing who to trust, and cherishing those relationships.

Deck Used: Stolen Child Tarot

One thought on “Valuing the Trusted

  1. *Grins about you taking L to the toy store to watch her face light up as she tests out all the toys on the shelves* That is an amazing thing that you do, baby. That you indulge her and in doing so, indulge yourself in one of life’s simpler pleasures.

    It’s a beautiful gesture and just reminds me of how amazing you really are.

    Your message for the day is also a reminder of how beautiful you are when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and soft. I know it’s not the time for it, but that you haven’t packed it away in a box but instead, even in times when you need to keep it protected, you are still very much aware of that part of yourself. Very much in touch with that part of you.

    I love you, man. So much. So very much

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