Project Strength

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and focused on getting in touch with one’s compassion for yourself and for others.

To be entirely honest?  I wasn’t listening.  I was drifting on my breath and very much in my own space throughout the meditation and I missed the message entirely other than a few snippets about projecting compassion first upon yourself, then out into the world.

Today’s draw is the Six of Flame, which is traditionally a representation of vitality, cooperation and harmony as well as “humanity issues and limitations” in relation to one’s ambitions, passions, drive, and willpower.  This card often comes up in relation to success, both private achievements and public recognition, self confidence, and at times, over confidence and ego.

That is not so much what I feel from this card, although there is a hint of it in the above.  I see a lamb in wolf’s clothing, tail tucked between the legs as they move through the night. I see the moon smiling.  I feel that today this card is more about taking time for yourself and watching your back as you show the world a display of strength regardless of how vulnerable the insides may feel.

Sometimes in life you have to put on the wolf’s clothing just to make it through the day, and sometimes you have to do it to get through what’s coming.  That is what I see here.

I am coming up on a trip that is going to be somewhat unpleasant.  I know this.  And I know I need to be in a place of strength when I go.  This card is telling me that even if I feel small, I can still project that powerful outer shell.

There has been a creeping trepidation coming in as the time to go gets closer and closer.  Today’s card is a reassurance that I am strong and I will make it through.  I may need a bit of adaptation, I may need to present a bit of a facade along the way… but the moon smiles in the sky and I will make it through.

Deck Used: Stolen Child Tarot


One thought on “Project Strength

  1. *Nods as he reads* Absolutely, baby. You will absolutely make it through.

    I think the whole projection of strength, the wolf in sheep’s clothing goes along with what we talked about yesterday and that topspace. Even if you can’t make it entirely into that space, that they see nothing but the hard outer shell, that you project strength to let them know that they can’t hurt you, they can’t tear you down…it makes the trying so much less fun for them.

    You’ve got this, baby. And when you need those moments to let the small and vulnerable you out? I’ll be here to catch you, to fold you into my arms and soothe the ache.

    Just keep in mind that no matter what they say or how ugly they are, it can’t reach you. It has no power over you. It doesn’t define you or who you are. They don’t even know you, not really…They’re just a group of bullies trying to make themselves feel better, so don’t give them the satisfaction.

    I love you, angel. God so much

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