Sharing and Discretion

IMG_3683Today’s meditation was just over ten minutes long and focused upon a spreading kindness practice where the guide takes you through a moment of reflection to get you to open up and relax before then guiding you to opening up your heart and spirit to direct loving kindness first to yourself, and then to another that you may have felt a bit of envy towards.

Everyone feels a twinge of envy now and then, and I think that’s pretty healthy.   This practice is meant to help in learning how to turn that sense of envy into a feeling of mudita, or unselfish good will and joy for that other person.

Six of Flame - Six of Wands - Stolen Child TarotToday’s draw is the Six of Flame (Six of Wands) which traditionally is a representation of harmony and growth in the area of one’s drive and ambitions.  This often translates into themes of victory and public recognition.

This is not what I see in the imagery of today’s card, though.  Instead, what stands out to me in this card is the posture of the wolf boy as he appears to actually slink through the night rather than standing tall.   The wolf is a majestic animal, proud but shy.  What I see here is the public perception rather than the truth of the inner spirit.

The question I see today in this card is… What perception are you putting forth that others are picking up on and creating a misconception about?

The message here is about making sure I am watching how I say things and what I share with others.  I’m very open here on my blog.  I also share large parts of those posts with our little Discord community, and the message here might very well have to do with our recently returned poet. It’s possible I need to consider a bit more discretion concerning what I take from here to share over there.


#TarotForGrowthApril Challenge Prompt
: How can I use this opportunity to take back control? (built off yesterday’s cards)

Rabbit Tarot

Reading Summary:  I need to focus upon the transition taking place (Six of Carrots) and not allow plans for the future (Two of Sticks) to cause this opportunity for growth to slip through my fingers (Seven of Carrots).

Take Away:  Such cute bunnies.  Just sayin’. This is a reiteration of the reading done previously on this topic (yesterday).   It’s about not adding so much to my plate that it creates a distraction that pulls me away from the spiritual growth and potential connections with spirit that are under development.  It’s about making sure I don’t create a self-sabotage caused by my sense of uncertainty during this time of change.


#DiscordTarotholicsApr2020 Challenge Prompt
: Where does my self-worth come from?

Cry Baby TarotReading Summary: Even during difficult times (Three of Swords) I am able to adapt (Page of Pentacles) and keep my stability in place (Four of Pentacles).

Take Away:  The presence of the pentacles in these cards are an indication of the stability and security that I am able focus on and sustain even during times when difficulties and emotional strife arises.  Instead of allowing things to fall apart, learn as I go and adapt to keep that stable foundation secure.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: How confident am I to make decisions?

Marshmallow Marseilles Tarot

Reading Summary: Sometimes I seek council from others (King of Cups) to find the most sustainable path forward (Seven of Pentacles), but I’m not afraid to discard what isn’t working (Eight of Cups) for the sake of finding something better (Four of Wands).

Take Away:  Very.   The King of Cups in this spread is Gideon, and what is indicated here is that although I  reach out to Gideon for perspectives besides my own, I have no problem doing what needs to be done to better a situation by making my own decisions once I feel that I have all the facts and perspectives I need.


#MidnightTarotChallenge Prompt
Question: What is my relationship with spirit? How can I improve it?

Cry Baby TarotMy Relationship With Spirit:  I’m not open enough.  I’m willing to seek the connection I want but inside I still am feeling caution and a lack of trust.  This is creating unnecessary boundaries.

How To Improve That Relationship:  My guides are waiting in the wings (Five of Cups) but I need to get out of my own head (King of Swords) and trust on my inner strength to sustain me (Strength) and keep me from erecting those boundaries (Nine of Wands again).

Take Away:  Trepidation is getting in my way and I need to have more trust in myself and in my inner voice.


Je n’ai Pas Peur

Today’s meditation was delayed because I wanted to hop online and spend time with you… and then I ended up having to go pick up Z, which meant that a few hours out of my day were swiped by driving like a bat out of hell north and back south again.

At least while I was up there I was able to both ship out a shipment, and put a hold on my mail up there for the time being so that I won’t have to go back up again until restrictions lift on the border so that I can take Z back home.

I will meditate before bed, of course.

Six of Wands - Hush TarotToday’s draw is the Six of Wands, which is traditionally a representation of harmony and synergy in the areas of one’s drive, passions, and ambitions.  This is often portrayed with themes that include public recognition or accolades, pride and self confidence, progress and especially success.

This isn’t entirely what I see in this card today, if I am honest.  I see a “charge” rather than a parade of recognition and accolades.   I see a “go get’em” push, complete with the weapons necessary to take what is yours and go after what is needed.  This is that moment before the accolades come rolling in.  The moment when you must follow your moral compass and your passions and fight for what is right for you.  This interpretation is reinforced by the French words “Je n’ai pas peur” that’s emblazoned upon the banner the bird wears, which translates to “I am not afraid”.

The message in today’s card is to go after what is important to you.  Go after it.  Fight for it.  Grab hold with both hands, and don’t let go.


#TarotForGrowthMarch Challenge Prompt
: What seeds do I have the opportunity to plant in my life at this time?

Tarocco delle Vetrate

Reading Summary:  A chance to find a better balance (Two of Coins) between my relationships (Two of Cups) and my passions (Wands) by creating better boundaries for myself (Nine of Wands).

Take Away:  It’s no secret that I allow myself to get so wrapped up in my goals and ambitions that I often forget to pay as much attention as I should to my loved ones.  The problem is that, in my case, the path to my goals and ambitions is directly connected through my passions and interests.  So… my drive takes over and I get swallowed up in it.

With everything that’s going on right now, the cards indicate that this is a prime opportunity to work on finding a better balance in this area.


#DiscordTarotholicsMar2020 Challenge Prompt
: How can I better handle conflict?

Tarot of the Silicone Dawn

Reading Summary:  Look for a better way (Six of Swords) that involves using your creativity and imagination (Page of Cups) to overcome conflict (Five of Swords) and bring your nurturing spirit forward (The Empress) as a new beginning surfaces when the conflict comes to an end (The World).

Take Away:  Handling conflict is more than about what happens in the moment.  It’s about what happens after as well.  The card indicate that in the moment of conflict, I need to lean heavily upon my creativity and imagination to find an “outside the box” way of overcoming whatever that conflict is at the time.  But, the cards also are making it clear that  what comes after is also important.  I need to remember to be kind to myself and others in the aftermath so that the new beginnings that come afterward will be a healthy one.


#ConnectWithYourDeckChallenge by E Roebuck-Jones
: How can I safely enhance my intuitive abilities?

78Tarot Elemental Tarot of the Natural

Reading Summary: Own it.  A hell of a lot of cards to say such a simple answer, but that’s exactly what I see her.   Own It.

Take Away:  There is a crapload of self-possessed power in these cards and their imagery.  It’s almost overpowering and I honestly didn’t bother to break down the cards into their specific messages because all together as a whole the message is very loud and clear.

That said?  I was a little surprised I didn’t get the “don’t do it” response again.  This question has been asked multiple times (in different ways) throughout this month’s Connect With Your Deck challenge, and every time the cards have made it clear I’m where things are and to advance would upset balance and require sacrifice I wasn’t willing to give.

It’s something in the phrasing of “safely enhance” that changed the message… and that message is “Own It“.


Ride It Out Instead of Fighting

IMG_2713Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and was focused upon worrying and how it can so often be a useless endeavor.   I see worry spiral out of control all the time.  Somehow, I seem to attract people that have a worrier’s mind.  They pick up a worry like it’s a tiny little seed, and in their mind it takes root and grows like an invasive species until it fills up every nook and cranny of their minds.

This type of worry isn’t helpful, although some of those “what ifs” can come in helpful in preparing for the unknown.   But what it really does is raise anxiety and work the person up to the point that they can’t sleep and can’t get their mind onto anything else.

I have to admit, though… my own habit of ignoring issues is also not good.  The key is to find a happy medium.

Five of Wands and Six of Wands - Tarot of the Hidden RealmToday’s draw is a double without a jumper, which means that both cards came out together as one.  The cards in today’s draw are the Five of Wands and the Six of Wands (and, yes, this deck is very, very thoroughly shuffled).

What I see here in the cards is that sometimes you have to surrender to the chaos.   I don’t really do “chaos” all that well.  Change?  Sure… it’s difficult but I’m okay with riding it out.  Chaos, on the other hand…. I do not ride out very well.  It causes a lot of stress and anxiety and is just all around unpleasant.

BUT… it happens.  It may actually even be necessary for human development and progress.  I just need to remember that when it comes calling, not to fight so hard against it.  It’s natural… it’s temporary… and it’ll be okay.


#TarotForGrowthFebruary Challenge Prompt
: What is my relationship with my work?

Oriens Tarot

Reading Summary: When I look at this spread, I see an undercurrent of the depths of the sea within the cards on either side, and the lifting up and surfacing of the center cards as being on a layer above.    Lower layer is cold, hard sea…. upper layer (center cards) is the rising to the surface and the light.

In juggling responsibilities (Two of Pentacles) and that inner spark of new inspirations (Ace of Wands),  I am working on rising above and letting go (Eight of Cups) of  what isn’t working and is holding me back from my aspirations (Ten of Pentacles Rx).


#DiscordTarotholicsFeb2020 Challenge Prompt
: What is one of my least positive qualities?

Britt's Third Eye Tarot

Reading Summary: I’m a bastard about telling myself that I’m not doing well enough and or not contributing enough.  These cards are in reference to my self-judgement (Judgement) of my performance and abilities (Knight of Swords), and my inability to ever accept that I’m doing enough (Four of Pentacles).

Take Away: Accurate.  I’m actively working on being more accepting of myself and the products of my skills and abilities, and yet.. I am very much my own worst critic.  The cards are calling me out on this specifically in relation to my work and the product of my work.


Owl and Bones February Two Card Challenge
: Elevate this / Calm the fuck down here

The Hide TarotElevate This :  This card speaks of playing to my strengths concerning helping others.  This is something that brings me a lot of enjoyment and a great deal of pleasure.  I like helping others find what’s right for them, and helping them find their path.   This card speaks to that ability, and my enjoyment of it.

Calm the fuck down here :  Ease up on myself concerning my accomplishments.  The cards have told me this a lot lately, but I need to accept that I don’t have to do everything at once, and nothing requires being done right this instant.  It’s okay to take my time and take things slow.


Project Strength

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and focused on getting in touch with one’s compassion for yourself and for others.

To be entirely honest?  I wasn’t listening.  I was drifting on my breath and very much in my own space throughout the meditation and I missed the message entirely other than a few snippets about projecting compassion first upon yourself, then out into the world.

Today’s draw is the Six of Flame, which is traditionally a representation of vitality, cooperation and harmony as well as “humanity issues and limitations” in relation to one’s ambitions, passions, drive, and willpower.  This card often comes up in relation to success, both private achievements and public recognition, self confidence, and at times, over confidence and ego.

That is not so much what I feel from this card, although there is a hint of it in the above.  I see a lamb in wolf’s clothing, tail tucked between the legs as they move through the night. I see the moon smiling.  I feel that today this card is more about taking time for yourself and watching your back as you show the world a display of strength regardless of how vulnerable the insides may feel.

Sometimes in life you have to put on the wolf’s clothing just to make it through the day, and sometimes you have to do it to get through what’s coming.  That is what I see here.

I am coming up on a trip that is going to be somewhat unpleasant.  I know this.  And I know I need to be in a place of strength when I go.  This card is telling me that even if I feel small, I can still project that powerful outer shell.

There has been a creeping trepidation coming in as the time to go gets closer and closer.  Today’s card is a reassurance that I am strong and I will make it through.  I may need a bit of adaptation, I may need to present a bit of a facade along the way… but the moon smiles in the sky and I will make it through.

Deck Used: Stolen Child Tarot