Warming Up Cartomancy Reading

The prompt for this reading came from one of my Discord servers and is as follows: “For many of us in the northern hemisphere, it’s been cold, so let’s do talk to our divination tool of choice how to warm up.”

Constellation Playing CardsWhere could I benefit from more warmth in my life?

King of Diamonds (Deneb Kaitos) – The King of Diamonds is a rigid card indicating a “fixed” position in the Deneb Kaitos star.  This often translates into self-destruction by change that is forced upon us, sickness, or disgrace/shame.  The King of Diamonds can be a ruthless king, rigid in his ways and unwilling to bend.  Make sure that you are not sinking into this rigid stance and allowing stagnancy to creep in and take over.  You need movement to keep life’s blood flowing, and your life healthy and happy.

How could I start the process of instilling this warmth where it’s needed?

Seven of Clubs (Horologium) – The Horologium constellation represents a pendulum clock.  Combined with the Seven of Clubs, it speaks of there being an ebb and flow to times when there is harmony in your life with others, and times when there is not, and it reminds us to take advantage of opportunities to connect and create positive ties with others of similar beliefs and values that can be there for you when things turn to being not at their best in your life later on.

From who (or in what way) do I need help in bringing that warmth to life?

Ten of Spades (Pictor) – The painter’s easel is what the constellation Equuleus Pictoris represents. It reminds us, when combined with the Ten of Spades, that when we paint the picture of our lives we need to deal with painful endings with grace and dignity.  Just because it hurts doesn’t mean we should lash out.  Sometimes, it means that the lesson to be learned wants to make sure we’re paying attention.  How will you paint your picture… what will you see when you look back at the most difficult times in your life? Will you see someone of strength? Or will you shy away from looking because you’re unhappy with what’s there?

What would be the benefit of welcoming this warmth into my life?

Five of Spades (Telescopium) – Your scarcity issues have been a long term problem in your life, and will continue to be for a good long time moving forward.  That doesn’t mean that we give up, but rather that we look ahead and plan… dream… work towards overcoming their negative influences in the future.  Reach for help instead of turning away from it, and face forward toward the future.

Is instilling this warmth into my life a long journey, or a short trip?

Two of Diamonds (Serpens) – Never Ending.  The Serpens constellation is a representation of a serpent and, when I think of serpents in a metaphysical sense, they always reflect back to the ouroboros. This ties into the constant necessity to foster balance, as balance is never stagnant and always changing.  A little weight one way or another and the effort to balance needs to be shifted, again and again and again.  There is no finish line, for constant and/or consistent balance requires constant and/or consistent change, and the cycle feeds into itself, never ending.

What are the possible repercussions of leaving things alone?

Five of Diamonds (Taurus) – Again, we see stagnancy, and an inability to ask for help, as well as a refusal to receive it even if it is available to you.  Lonely, stagnant, and miserable.  Not to mention broke.


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