New Years Cartomancy Reading

New Years Cartomancy Reading with the Festum Playing Cards

Card to represent my energies this year.

Queen of Diamonds – Growing and fostering stability in  your own life and others. You provide a sense of stability for those around you, and help to encourage them in creating that feeling of stability for themselves.

What do I need to invest in this year?

Four of Hearts – You need to start meditating again. You dropped the ball on that last year, and it’s time to pick it back up and get it working for you once again.

How can I trust change this year?

Seven of Clubs – No matter the changes and challenges you face, your values and principles are unshakeable and will guide you through to the other side. Don’t worry so much that changes might draw you off course, as your stubborn persistence in what is true and right for you is part and parcel to who you are and cannot be taken away.

What am I ready to leave behind as the year changes?

Eight of Diamonds – You have overworked yourself to the point of exhaustion, and thrived through the most difficult part of your work year.  Now it is time to put away all that determined diligence, and have some rest and a bit of fun instead.

How can I welcome more harmony into my life this year?

Five of Spades – Don’t bother with butting heads with others this year.  You’re already on top and there’s no need to go out of your way to prove it.

New year guidance from my guides.

Two of Clubs – Set your course and make your plans. Make lists of what you want to accomplish and map things out so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the journey before you.


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