Cleaning House Cartomancy Reading

Essential Playing Cards Lavender Edition

What must be cleared out to make room for this coming cycle?

Queen of Diamonds and Four of Hearts – Be ruthless in purging yourself of your current draw toward stagnancy. That draw is your depression talking, and it doesn’t need any encouragement or given a place where it’s allowed to grow and flourish unchecked.

What would benefit from a pause to let the dust settle?

Ace of Diamonds and Ten of Clubs – Don’t add any new brilliant ideas right now, you already have enough on your plate. Just concentrate on what is before you instead.

What opportunities can grow in the stillness?

King of Hearts and Six of Clubs – “Happy wife, happy life.” No, the phrase does not entirely fit, but that’s exactly what we have here. These cards indicate that the opportunity given is more time with Gideon, and thus more harmony in your life over all.

When new energy arrives, how can I direct it for greatest effect?

Ten of Diamonds and Three of Clubs – Go for the gold. You want these projects on your plate done. Times of stillness allow you to plan, so that when new energy comes in you can bolt off the starting block full speed ahead with your target in focus.

How can I prepare for the next cycle when it’s time?

Four of Clubs and Six of Hearts – Enjoy the rest and time in harmony with others. Don’t worry about what’s coming, just live in the moment and let it come at its own pace.


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