Weekly Creativity Prompt – How I Lost My Voice

“Blurring the Lines” Creativity Prompt: “Choose a card to represent a real life experience that happened to you last year (any type of experience counts). Then, randomly draw two more cards, and use them to veer fact off into fiction and expand on your experience with a fictional extension, ending, or additional fictional details.

Lovely Om TarotTen of Swords – A mighty crash as door frame and lock shatter.  A stranger within my home. A battle waged with ice pick against blade. Pain excruciating, and yet nothing at all, and in the end, the blade won. And then the pain went away and there was only peace, and silence, and stillness.

Six of Swords – Then came a stirring. A pull upon my soul. A glowing thread of comfort and need that drew me from that peaceful place. I followed the thread, seeking to sooth the ache of need felt as it drew me to its end. Bringing me forward through time and space to reunite with that familiar piece of me given to another… and more.

Two of Cups atop Queen of Cups – It lead me to my beloved, who grieved with all his heart.  And I knew that I couldn’t go back, and I couldn’t go forward either. I chose to stay here with him. To wait. To whisper comforting and loving words to him in his dreams and sit on his shoulder or tuck in just behind his ear, day in and day out, until he could eventually join me.


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