Weekly Creativity Prompt – Jason

Pull (at least) three cards and use them as the basis to write something that ends with the word “wrath”.


Jason’s Story

One early spring day I was out for a walk with my girl (The Lovers) without a care in the world (Temperance) when an old man approached us and stopped us upon our path. Man was old and weathered, and yet he had a strange energy about him it made him feel as if he was in the know on many many things (The Hierophant and The High Priestess).

He told me that I would be tempted (The Devil) in the near future and that whatever choice I made in this that moment would be the choice to decide my fate (Wheel of Fortune), and so I should choose wisely and follow my heart (The Star).

At the time I thought he was talking gibberish (The Fool).

Later in the day when I was back at home alone (The Hermit), I got a phone call from an ex (Death) who wanted to get back together with me and I have to admit I feel really flattered and it was a huge ego boost (The Emperor) because she broke up with me… not the other way around.

Suddenly the temptation was before me and I remembered with the old man had said.

Thought about my girlfriend and how she would feel (Judgement)… and about how I feel about her and I realize that I already had everything I need. So I told my ex to take a hike (Strength and The Chariot).

Little did I know at the time, but a private investigator (The Magician) had been hired by my girlfriends father and he had orchestrated the whole thing!  Fortunately, I managed to pass his test and avoid his wrath (The Sun).


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