What is a Deck Swaddle?


So today I thought I’d share how swaddle my decks that don’t have a box to call home.  This happens a lot, as I am NOT a fan of the too-big boxes that a lot of decks come in.  If a deck comes in a tuck box, that’s great and I’m okay with that (until it eventually falls apart), but those great big oversized boxes are just a waste of space in my opinion.


I’m also not a big fan of deck bags, because I feel they are not secure enough to protect the deck from damage.   So instead, I swaddle my decks using a piece of cloth called a “fat square”.    A fat square is a piece of cloth usually sold for quilting purposes.  It usually measures anywhere from 18″ x 18″ to up to 22″ x 22″.   Most of those I have are 18″ x 22″, which is not square, and yet it’s still called a “fat square” for some reason.

I always use 100% cotton, and choose fabrics that I feel will fit the deck in question.  In the following example, I am wrapping my trimmed Everyday Enchantment deck.


1. Lie the fabric out flat and place the deck in the lower left hand corner.  Leave enough room on the left side and bottom so that both edges can fold up over the deck when the time comes.

2. Fold up the bottom part of the fabric over the deck.

3. Roll the deck up one flip, keeping it snug as you roll it into the cloth.


4. Fold the right edge of the cloth up and over the deck.

5. Roll the deck one flip to the left, making sure to keep the fabric snug around the deck as you do so.

6. Fold the right side up over the deck.  You can then fold back excess or wrap excess fabric around again if there is extra fabric to deal with.


7. Fold in both sides of the remaining cloth.  This is so that it doesn’t stick out and become messy when finished.

8. Roll the deck over into the remaining cloth so that there is only a little flap left to deal with.

9.  You can see in this photo where that little flap is going to go.  You want to tuck it into the pocket that is created by the cloth.


10. You can see here how it looks once that remaining piece of fabric is tucked in place.

And there you have a swaddled deck, wrapped up nice and neat.  It’s safe, secure and snug, and is easily able to store and stack, as well as safe to toss in a bag without worrying it’s going to get bent or dinged or damaged.

It takes a little practice to get it nice and snug, but I’ve found that most decks (other than some of the really large ones) fit in the ‘fat squares’ of fabric really well.


8 thoughts on “What is a Deck Swaddle?

  1. Okay the fact that you not only explained why you swaddle your decks and what you use to swaddle them in(and how you choose which goes in what) I find the fact that you included instructions and pictures fucking ADORABLE. Like seriously, adorable. *Grins*

    You’re so tidy and that is a really cute swaddle, man.

    Now do you guy these squares precut or do you buy fabric and cut them down to size yourself?

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    • Thanks for sharing this fabulous, origami style of tarot wrap :). I have now practiced and practiced and hopefully have learnt the technique… it’s great ! How do you remember which deck is in each wrap?
      I’ve now begun to leave one card out and tuck into the wrap/fold to show what deck is in there…
      wondered if you did? 🙂 amazing how secure this wee little bundle is now 🙂

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      • I keep a spreadsheet to keep track of my decks, and in that sheet one of the things I take note of is what the deck is housed in. The keeping a card tucked in the pocket is an excellent idea!!


  2. ​This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing. I definitely have some decks that are in HUGE boxes or did not come with boxes of any sort (The Numinous Tarot and The Slow Holler Tarot respectively). I ordered a box for my slow holler deck, but it is just a tiny bit too large for the cards, and I worry about the edge becoming damaged if I carry them around with me anywhere. I also love the idea of finding fabrics that correspond with each of the decks!


  3. Thanks so much for sharing this origami style of wrap .. it really works and keeps the deck. so secure:)
    Wondered how you remembered what each of your wrapped decks were ? I now keep one card out
    to slide into the fold on the wrap, so as to remind me which deck is in that swaddle… maybe you do the same? Anyway, great idea and is keeping my decks much better organised 🙂


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