Light Luggage

Today’s meditation was nine minutes and forty eight seconds, and focused on empathy. That is, the sharing of an experience and emotion with another person in order to make them feel heard, without trying to fix them or simply offering sympathy. (Sympathy = “poor you”; Empathy = “I feel you”)

It discussed how this process of empathy can help a person feel that you are there with them and supporting them, even when there is no ready solution available at the moment and all you’re doing is sitting with them, sharing space with them, and listening.

Today’s draw is the Three of Wands, which is a representation of creation, abundance, and looking forward towards your dreams and goals in the area of passion, drive, willpower, and the inner spark.

The appearance of the Three of Wands in today’s draw is a reinforcement of the readings I did yesterday for my self-care and the week ahead, as well as the reading I did for the Summer Solstice.

Both of these readings, and today’s card, we’re all about taking what I have learned through the return to my spirituality, and taking that with me in moving forward.

Returning to a more active spiritual practice has opened up a new facet of creativity for me, and brought a new aspect of positivity to my daily life that goes beyond just the daily card draw that I do each morning and share here on this blog.

The Three of Wands is an encouragement to take that renewed practice and positivity with me as I continue to move forward along life’s path.

One thought on “Light Luggage

  1. It’s great that all of this turned into something good for you, man. Something positive to carry with you. And I think it’s great, as well, that you’ve renewed your spirituality. I think it’s been really, really good for you.

    I love that you can share this with me, babe.

    I miss you tonight. I love you

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