Coping With Subdrop

Today’s meditation was ten minutes and thirty six seconds, and focused on shinrin-yoku, or what is known as “forest bathing”.

This is a type of eco-therapy where one takes a walk in the woods and, instead of spending the time distracted by one’s phone, thoughts, or the drive for getting exercise, you focus on your senses and what you are experiencing there within the forest.

This includes everything from listening to the sounds of the forest such as the rustle of leaves and sound of insects, to the scents of the forest such as the smell of the earth and the trees, the experience of touch through feeling the sun and air on the skin or the feeling of dappled shade through leaves, taking in the colors and shapes and beauty around you, and even taste through how the air tastes as you breathe it in.

When I hike, this is my practice. I am not hiking in order to get exercise or see how far I can go. I am there to enjoy nature in all of its subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways. Sometimes, I might bring my camera… but I always turn my phone off and leave my earbuds at home.

To me, hiking has always been a time to commune with nature. Like some people use a maze or labyrinth to foster mindfulness, I have always used the hiking trails in the forests here where I live in this way.

Today’s draw is the 14th card in the Major Arcana, the Temperance card. Like all cards in the Major Arcana, this card deals with not just one single aspect of the human experience, but instead a broader picture as a whole.

The Temperance card is a representation of moderation, balance, and patience. It speaks of the need for a pause before reacting, thought before action, and reflection before absorption. This is an extremely good card for me today, because the subdrop has definitely arrived! Holy crap, has it ever.

One of the qualities of the Temperance card is to remind you to remain calm during times of stress and chaos. The subdrop is absolutely a time of stress and chaos for me, as I feel extremely vulnerable emotionally during this time.

As a result, the message of the card for today is just to take my time. Remember that I need to consciously seek out balance and stability, rather than just flying off the handle over every little thing. No matter whether that be mentally, emotionally, or even physically.

Side Note: Whenever I am in subdrop, it always reminds me of those movies where a woman is in labor and she looks over at her significant other and screams at him, “This is all your f’king fault, you son of a bitch!”.

Like pregnancy and labor, the sub drop is a joint endeavor… but in the moment, I just feel like blaming it all on you. Just sayin’.


Step Off

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long and focused on creativity, or rather on creative blocks (such as writer’s block, for example).

The guided meditation discussed how it isn’t in pushing yourself that you can overcome these blocks, but rather in letting go.  Taking a moment of stillness and peace, of mindful existence in the present, and using that step away from the blockage, whether it be for a few minutes, a few hours, a few days, or longer, to clear the mind of that frustration and drive.   And, that once you do this, creativity has a way of returning to it’s natural flow all on its own.

As is often the case, today’s meditation correlates well to today’s daily draw, which is the Ten of Swords. This card is a representation of culmination and completion in the areas of the mind, logic, intellect, communication, and ambition.

As you can see from the very RWS rendition of this card, that culmination and completion can often be painful, and is followed by a time of rest before one can then move on.

Sometimes, this card can come up as a warning, but I believe that for today’s draw it is speaking of a need to let go.  It speaks of now being a time not to get wrapped up in bustle and chaos, but rather to “step off” and close that door, and move on to better and brighter things.

It seems that I need this message from time to time, primarily because there are times (even daily) when my self destructive urges niggle at me to enmesh myself in unnecessary struggle and strife, especially mentally.   With the subdrop soon upon me, this is not the time for that on any level, and this card is telling me that I need to be seeking rest and peace instead.

The Tools You Need

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and focused on how enlightenment is not a goal or something to obtain or a goal to strive for, but instead is about the journey and the lessons that you learn along the way.

Today’s draw is the Devil card for the second day in a row, with the Magician card as a jumper. Both of these cards are Major Arcana cards (the 15th and the 1st respectively) representing the paths we take along our life’s journey rather than any one aspect within a life.

The appearance of the Devil card in today’s draw is a carryover from yesterday, with the Magician as an additional commentary.

Where the Devil card speaks of the unhealthy temptations and indulgences of my visit here at my mother’s house, the Magician tells me that I have all the tools and knowledge needed to pull myself back on track once I have returned home.

This is a good reminder, as I near the end of my visit, that even if getting back on track is a struggle, I’m prepared and more than capable of making the transition.

Light Luggage

Today’s meditation was nine minutes and forty eight seconds, and focused on empathy. That is, the sharing of an experience and emotion with another person in order to make them feel heard, without trying to fix them or simply offering sympathy. (Sympathy = “poor you”; Empathy = “I feel you”)

It discussed how this process of empathy can help a person feel that you are there with them and supporting them, even when there is no ready solution available at the moment and all you’re doing is sitting with them, sharing space with them, and listening.

Today’s draw is the Three of Wands, which is a representation of creation, abundance, and looking forward towards your dreams and goals in the area of passion, drive, willpower, and the inner spark.

The appearance of the Three of Wands in today’s draw is a reinforcement of the readings I did yesterday for my self-care and the week ahead, as well as the reading I did for the Summer Solstice.

Both of these readings, and today’s card, we’re all about taking what I have learned through the return to my spirituality, and taking that with me in moving forward.

Returning to a more active spiritual practice has opened up a new facet of creativity for me, and brought a new aspect of positivity to my daily life that goes beyond just the daily card draw that I do each morning and share here on this blog.

The Three of Wands is an encouragement to take that renewed practice and positivity with me as I continue to move forward along life’s path.