Onward, Intrepid Traveler

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, and focused on seeking a connection with your authentic self. That is, that self beneath the mask you show the world and the lies you tell yourself. It was about allowing that inner self to stand tall, even during the onslaught of outside influences that try to sway you away from your true self.

I did it twice, because I really liked it.

Today’s draw is the Seven of Wands, which is a representation of movement, progress, leaping ahead, and the unknown in the area of thoughts, logic, communication, and the mind.

This is a card that speaks to the doubts you have experienced, the worries that hold you back, and that moment in time when you return to yourself and surge forward back upon the path those doubts and worries had distracted you from.

It is the perfect card for today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, which is chalk full of progressive “get it done” energy for one’s thoughts, aspirations, and endeavors.

It is also the perfect card (and moon, for that matter) for my Monday, because today is order preparations day and I have a crapload of earrings to make, which is one of the most time consuming of the types of jewelry I create.

So, the Seven of Wand’s message for today is one of progress. No lollygagging aloud.

One thought on “Onward, Intrepid Traveler

  1. I apologize for being late on this one, love. I slept badly the night before last and yesterday I was dragging ass ALL day long. So much so that I ended up dozing off on you while you were working. I apologize for that as well.

    It sounds like you did get your work done though, and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your meditation, enough that you did it twice. I don’t think we’ve encountered that before since you started this blog.

    I love you, angel mine. So much

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