Ethony’s 31 Days of Tarot 2019 (Part 5)

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Returning again today to Ethony’s 31 Days of Tarot challenge.   I’m having a bit of trouble with question #18, so I’m going to skip it for the moment, and move on to the next, then revisit the one I’m struggling with at a later date.

  1. If you were shipwrecked on an desert island, which five tarot or oracle decks would you want to have with you and why.
    Well, the Tarot of the Hidden Realm is a given. The way I connected with that deck is just remarkable and I wouldn’t want to leave it behind.
    My very newly modified Sacred Circle Tarot, as well, is now (after the modifications) one that I’ve found myself really connected to and would like to bring along.
    Any one of my “classic” Waite/Smith decks (Radiant Rider Waite, Universal Waite, Original Rider, Smith-Waite Centennial) because the versatility is a must.
    The Blue Owl Lenormand because of our history and familiarity (using this deck is just like coming home).
    And… hm. The Roots and Wings Oracle, I think. It’s pretty new to my collection, but it works well with every deck that I’ve paired it with thus far.
  2. What is your favorite Tarot Spread at the moment?
    I just recently did a re-create on my deck interview spread, and I’m very happy with it. It’s a nine-card spread with room for jumper cards to add additional input when they show up. I’m so happy with it, in fact, that I’ve recently begun the process of re-interviewing all my decks. This, of course, is going to take a good deal of time.
  3. Do you use the Tarot for mediumship readings? Why or why not? If no, would you like to?
    No. I’m very much of the mind that this isn’t the kind of thing I would like to open myself up to, even with a intermediary (the cards) there as a buffer. Whether or not I even have the ability is not something I have an interest in exploring.
  4. Where is one place in the world you would love to read the Tarot and why? It could be a sacred site, event, mystical shop, anything.
    I never really thought of tarot as a travel companion for reasons explained in my previous post. My answer to this would be in the depths of the Olympic Rainforest… in the rain. Obviously, tarot cards are not water proof so that would be a bad idea, although I did recently find a couple decks that are so it may be a possibility in the future.
  5. What is your most sassy Tarot deck, what is your most gentle Tarot deck? Why did you pick these decks?
    My Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot has a mouth on her. She’s very blunt and snippy, and very picky about how she’s used. For the most gentle deck, it’s a tie between the Mesquite Tarot and the MoonChild Tarot. Both are equally gentle, but the moon child is a better communicator where as the Mesquite has more of a “shy” voice. The gentlest deck I’ve ever handled, though, isn’t a part of my collection. It belongs to my sister. That would be the Soul Cards Tarot.
  6. What Tarot card do you feel is the most misunderstood and why?
    I imagine my answer is pretty standard for most tarot readers, but it’s the Death card. It seems whenever it comes up people that are unfamiliar with the tarot always immediately have that “oh shit” reaction. The death card is so much more about organic change than some horrible omen from beyond, but you can’t convince a lot of people of that it seems.
    Another, I’ve found, is the Tower card. This one, a lot of people even familiar with seem to not fully appreciate the Tower. It’s not all doom and gloom, and much good can come from the chaos the card indicates. I see people often given pause, though, when it appears. As if its presence jerks them out of their flow.
  7. Do you have any Tarot self-care rituals that are only for your personal practice?
    Yes. I have a Saturday check-in spread that I do each week to help in reconnecting myself to… myself. It includes ritual bathing and meditation, followed by a time bonding with the deck I’m using at the moment and then drawing the spread and journaling it afterward.

So far, this is Part 5 of the series. Here is Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 for easy reference.

I’ll make another post in a few days to continue on with more questions in the challenge.

3 thoughts on “Ethony’s 31 Days of Tarot 2019 (Part 5)

  1. *Grins* It’s funny that you mention your “dream” place to do a reading would be in the rainforest in the rain and mention those waterproof cards as when I read the earlier question about the being stranded on a deserted island, my first thought was…you should bring the waterproof cards as it’s bound to rain there.

    As always, I love reading this stuff as it gives me an insight to your faith and your passion that I don’t normally get to see. I love taking this journey with you.

    Oh two questions that came up for me…what is a deck interview spread? And is the mediumship readings a referral to like…speaking to or communicating with the dead?


    • You know, I was thinking when I answered that deserted island question that there “damned well better be a way to keep my cards dry”. *Grins*

      I will do a post on deck interviews to fully explain, but it’s a way to assist in getting to know the deck you are working with (or a new deck… or, well, any deck).

      Yes, mediumship is communicating with the deceased.This can be the recently deceased or it can be along the lines of communicating with ancestors and/or figures of the past.


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