Trick or Treat Lenormand Reading

Trick or Treat Lenormand Reading with the Haunted Wonderland Lenormand

The Costume: What persona have I adopted? Is it serving me?

Birds and Stork – Displaying the ability and tendency to act, react, and adapt quickly, especially in response to instinct or intuition, and sometimes making this appear effortless to onlookers. Although this serves you well, it does not allow for depth.

The Darkness: What am I unable to see or recognize?

Dog and Child – At this time in your journey, you are unable to see and/or confront the child within you that is lost and aches for the freedom to trust freely, and unconditional love and support from others.

The Moon: What will illuminate my journey forward?

Fox and Whip – Make sure you are not being too clever for your own good.  Sometimes the simple approach is the best, and allows for success to flourish where a more clever strategy could backfire.

The Outcome: Will I receive a trick or a treat on this path?

Heart and Tower – Trick.  Make sure that you are not closing yourself away from others out of a fear of feeling and/or being vulnerable. You are not an island, so make sure you are not treating yourself as such.


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