Weekly Creativity Prompt – The Sun

Prompt: “Pull the card from your deck(s) that matches the card posted below. Compare the imagery between the card provided below and the card(s) from your own decks). How would you read them differently and why?”

Tarot of the Hidden Realm - The Sun CardTarot of the Hidden Realm – Children touch upon an innocence that is often depicted in the Sun card in tarot, and here we see two that play together, a flower in full bloom and abundance of green giving an impression of success that is about happiness and the butterfly above their heads lends a carefree atmosphere to time spent together.  This card speaks of happiness being about those you spend time with and the joy found in abundance, camaraderie, and sharing rather than monetary values.

The Sun Card - Lonely Dreamer Tarot, Förhäxa Tarot, Autumn Miss Tarot

The Lonely Dreamer Tarot – Here in the imagery of this card that is a serenity provided in the pool of water the figure stands in and the reflection of her form upon its surface.  The pool is calm and smooth, and the form of the woman graceful as the sun overhead turns the water into pure gold. The imagery in this card speaks to me of success in its many forms.  Not everything has to be about excitement, optimism, and positivity. Sometimes it’s in our most calm and serene moments where we discover true value in ourselves and the world around us.

Förhäxa Tarot – In this imagery, an angel appears to reap energy from a forest fire’s blaze below.  This speaks to me of there being no energy ever wasted.  Even forest fires have their purpose, and that energy is not wasted either. There is mystery here, but also hope.  Strength, too.  This card says that failures are not always failures at all, but rather a plan that is simply beyond our ken put into action.  It encourages, optimism and asks us to reject pessimistic viewpoints for a more positive perspective.

Autumn Miss Tarot – This card’s imagery is the closest to the traditional RWS imagery, and it speaks to me not of fun… not of joy or of peace (for who in their right mind can be peaceful, optimistic, and joyful when riding a horse while without paints?)  Instead, it speaks to me of success earned through tenacity and hard work, and the celebration of that success (as seen in the flying of the red banner the figure holds and the clenched fist of the other hand).


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