Winter Fog Lenormand Reading

Winter Fog Lenormand Reading - Simply Lenormand

What am I having trouble seeing clearly?

Tower and Bouquet – You are being snowed by someone of authority making kind gestures and pleasing efforts. Make sure you stay alert and aware, and don’t allow these moments of fleeting happiness (and ass kissing) skew you from your more accurate first impressions.

What might be fogging up my view?

Scythe and Rider – You’re too busy trying to hurt yourself to watch out for others might be looking to do the same or worse. Let go of the past and move forward instead, for those past experiences aren’t helping you to see more clearly in the present, or in seeing the best path forward.

How can I get clarity on the situation?

Lily and Child – Look at others that have already had experience with this person and gone through past situations with them. Learn from them by approaching them with curiosity and asking questions.


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