Weekly Creativity Prompt – Falling Apart

Prompt: Draw (at least) three cards. Use them to tell us about a (real or fictional) winter night in the city.

The Grand Elixir TarotWalking in this old, worn neighborhood at night takes a certain amount of projected authority (The Emperor) to keep from being accosted… and a certain amount of disregard for one’s safety (The Lovers Rx) because it might just happen anyway.

What was once a lush and thriving beauty is now a crumbling shell of what once was (imagery for The World) as corruption took over to eat away at its core as crimes are committed and remain unsolved either through disinterest… or willful ignorance (Justice).

Sadly, there is no coming back from what it has become. In this neighborhood, there is no recovery to be had, for it goes beyond the cracked sidewalks and grime… the poison has gone root deep. Too much blood, and violence, and too many deaths. (The Tower)

And yet even in this place I see beauty (The Magician), for it is in the strength of those that live here (Strength) if for no other reason than they can’t afford to live anywhere else. I see it in their eyes as I pass them on the street while they avoid the darker shadows and hurry home, their heads down but the inner spark that lives within them shining with a hope that they can lift themselves and their children up to rise to something better (The Star).


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