Weekly Creativity Prompt – Judgement

Prompt: Pull the card from your deck(s) that matches the card posted below. Compare the imagery between the card provided and the card from your own deck. How would you read them differently and why? Share your card(s) with us and your interpretation differences between the imagery on them cards.

Tarot of the Hidden Spirit - Judgement - Life RenewedTarot of the Hidden Realm – There is more than rebirth in this card. There’s hope.  Hope in the features of the girl and in her seeking gaze, as well as in the delicate unfurling of the seedling in her hand. She offers new life, rich and tender, bright and strong.  New life that will grow into a mighty oak, strong and resilient, if given the chance.  In this card I see the promise of greatness… if we are willing to believe in it and foster it’s growth within us.

The Spacecaster Tarot, Irish Mythology Tarot, I 22 Arcani Fiabeschi

The Spacecaster Tarot – Maat’s scales lie in the background of this card, indicating that the imagery is about being a good person, for it is only then that one’s heart can be weighed against a feather and come out on top. In the foreground, two figures with multiple eyes tell us that we are always watched, and there is nothing you can hide from your own heart. This card asks… What are you doing that is a weight on your heart? Stop pretending it is okay, listen to your heart and make the reparations necessary to lift that weight.

Irish Mythology Tarot – [The oghams on the sides of this card read Nuada.] Depicted in this card is Nuada Airgetlám, a king that lost his arm and his throne, only to be given a new arm by the gods and come back to reclaim his throne once more. It is a story of redemption and homecoming. In this card I see a message that speaks of what you’ve lost along the way on life’s path. What has been left behind that, if reclaimed, can make you feel whole once more?

I 22 Arcani Fiabeschi – Here we have a very classical image of the judgment card, but instead of the figures below looking up towards Gabriel who’s blowing his horn to call them home, they are focused on each other. The figures below are so focused on the physical world around them, that they discount the spiritual side of themselves and of life. This card begs the question… what elements of life are you ignoring that would help you to develop into the person that you want to be?


2 thoughts on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – Judgement

  1. Sorry love. I blame the migraine that is still niggling for attention.

    I like your card choices here. A really diverse set there and really colorful
    I love you. I think i caught up


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