Weekly Creativity Prompt – Doomed From the Start

Prompt: “Draw up to three cards from your tarot (or oracle) and use them for guidance in choosing something to share with us about your childhood.”

d'Morte Disney Tarot

My sister and I once made a plan that was doomed from the start. (The Tower)

We decided to force our father to treat us as equals by cutting her hair like mine and dressing identically so that he couldn’t tell us apart. (Strength Rx)

Instead, it resulted in him following through on a threat he’d made a number of times in the past, and he took the door off our bedroom and the bathroom too. (Death)


One thought on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – Doomed From the Start

  1. *Grunts* Your father was NOT a very kind man, babyboy.
    I’m sorry that he never found it within himself to love unconditionally or to treat his own children with the respect and kindness they deserved.

    I love you….without conditions. Always.

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