Full Moon in Capricorn – June 2021

On Thursday is the full moon, and like all new moons and full moons, I did a spread aligned to the moon’s current themes as a part of my recognition of the moon’s cycle and influences upon us. Today’s spread is about how words are magick, and brought to you by Ethony.

Fantastic Being Oracle - Full Moon in Capricorn

1. What long-term plans are calling you?

Manatee (Heart-Center) – Putting yourself first is an important step to finding inner peace and true happiness.  You’ve been daydreaming a lot about taking a longer break/vacation and struggling with the hurdles it might cause.  The manatee is a reminder that sometimes it’s not about changing external factors, but about changing how you view things from within. It’s time to look at getting in touch with your inner self and finding those things that stir you up and bring you peace…. even when you’re not taking days off.

2. What foundations do you need to lay to succeed?

Elements (Complete)  – Balance is needed.  Take a look at the different aspects of yourself and your life.  Which parts are being underrepresented or neglected?  Which are perhaps getting too much attention?  Take some time to redistribute and find a better balance, seek out what’s missing and what needs a bit more attention and make sure that you’re finding a balance between the different elements of your life rather than leaning too far one way or another.

3. Where do you need to apply patience?

Platypus (Evolution) – When we grow and change, it’s something that takes time. As the card back says, “The evolution of the heart, mind, and soul is measured.”  It takes time and sometimes?  That in itself is so frustrating.  That slow pace can drive you nuts and frustrate you to no end, but it’s a slow change for a reason and it’s important to acknowledge that personal growth sometimes need to move at a slower place whether we want ti to or not.

4. Where do you need to think BIGGER?

Sphinx (Awe & Wonder) – Smelling the roses along the path is an important part of life. Don’t wait for the “time to be right” to enjoy the little, wonderful things in everyday life.  Enjoy them now and create space in your life to do that.  It can’t be serious, nose to the grindstone work all the time. Be kind to yourself and let yourself enjoy life.

5. Where do you need support?

Komodo Dragon (Powerful) – We all have parts of ourselves we’re not proud of or don’t want to accept.  The Komodo Dragon card encourages us to work on accepting these parts of ourselves as another part of the whole that makes us who we are and unique from others.  In allowing ourselves to accept these aspects, we can turn weaknesses and perceived faults into strengths.  Sometimes? We need a little help and support from others to find the positive aspects of these parts of ourselves, though.  Don’t forget you have people in your life happily eager to boost you up and support you.


One thought on “Full Moon in Capricorn – June 2021

  1. I think the big issue with the breaks are that by the time you get everything squared away to take that break and you get in a little rest…you’re already halfway through the vacation and are already started stressing about going back to work and having to catch up again.

    I’m not sure of a solution for this, but I’m sure there is one…it’s just a matter of figuring it out

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