Weekly Creativity Prompt – Spring Love

Prompt: Draw up to three cards and use them to share with us a real or fictional  springtime walk outside. Feel free to daydream and go into detail!

Foresight Tarot

Fresh air whispers over bare skin as we walk hand in hand in the darkness of spring’s twilight. Fingers laced and palms pressed close and warm, one against the other as sweet scents of cooling asphalt blend with salty sea air and evergreen’s crisp bite in the nose.  (The Lovers)

Turned from their path your steps turn big body into smaller and crowd close. Feet stumble backward as hands reach to steady surprised clumsiness. Hands that touch cheeks and throat, shoulders and hips. Brick to back and tension high, kisses are taken instead of given, devoured in a moment of possession and gluttony.  (The Emperor)

A long fingered tug on belt loop. “Lets go home,” he says.  (The Devil)


One thought on “Weekly Creativity Prompt – Spring Love

  1. *Reads this and fucking -groans-* Holy shit, baby
    That’s…wow, so hot and so very lovely all at once.

    We need to frame this one. It might be my favorite…

    *Grins* Damn, babyboy. Just….wow. *Growling*

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