A Boy’s First Lesson – Story Time

Pull at least three cards and use them to… tell us a fairy tale story.

I Funghi più Belli del Mondo

A Boy’s First Lesson

There was once a young boy that spent all of his time under his father’s thumb being ground into the dirt. (Justice)

One day he decided to run away from home. He packed up his cherished possessions and tucked them away in his school bag, then in the dead of night he climbed out the window and slipped off into dark. (Chariot)

At first the night was very dark and he couldn’t see a thing. He felt that he was fumbling around in the dark. But the longer he was out in the night, the more his eyes adjusted until the starlight became shimmering flames in the sky to light his path. (The Star)

As he became aware of his surroundings, he realized things weren’t so bad after all. Sure they had been scary at first, but now under the soft light of the stars, he felt hope that he would do well on his own. (Wheel of Fortune)

When the moon rose, she cast deep shadows upon the road that caused the boy a bit of anxiety (The High Priestess), but he continued to move forward, unwilling to let go of his assertion that he could find something better for himself than what he’s left behind. (Strength)

As he walked along the side of the road, he came upon a tree whose branches stretched over the road, and from this tree’s branches hung a small spider spinning this way and that in the breeze. (Hanged Man)

Wanting to help the little spider, he pulled out the tin he’d used to hold his finest trinkets. Making room in the tin, he brought the tin up under the spider and caught the spider inside. He closed the lid and tucked the tin back away. (The Fool)

The boy wanted to help the spider, and so he did what he thought was right. (Judgement and Emperor) He continued on into the night until he found a place to camp for the night beneath a large oak, thinking that the oak would be the perfect place to set the spider free.

Pulling out the tin, he popped open the lid only to find the spider was no longer inside, and curled in the corner of the tin was a withered and crumbling husk of a tiny human-like creature with delicate, gossamer wings. (Death)

And thus, the boy’s first lesson in becoming a man is two-fold.  First, things are not always what they seem.  Second, sometimes you have to leave things as they are. What’s “right” for you may not be right for everyone, and by trying to conform others situations and beliefs to your own standards, you can sometimes do more harm than good…. no matter how altruistic your intentions may be.


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