Surprise Divination Activity

I would like you to follow along and do this one in comments.

Intuition Exercise:   Let’s see how the new year will go. Set a music playlist to shuffle then select the 4th song. Listen to it, and use your intuition to pick up on any messages or imagery that sticks out. What song did you get and how do you think your new year will be based on what you picked up from the song?

Interpretation:  Nostalgic and conflicted. I have a lot of restructuring of methods and practices to do over the New Year. Changing gears is hard and it’s difficult not to fall back on old habits. The lessons I’ve learned over the past year have made it clear I need to change up how I’m doing things, though. It’s just not going to be easy.

This style of divination is called Shufflemancy.

Exercise Source: Discord (Server name withheld due to server rules.)

One thought on “Surprise Divination Activity

  1. My fourth song was No Manners by Super M.

    My interpretation of this is that I tend to hold onto things with both hands. I’m relentless, I’m tenacious and I absolutely REFUSE to give up what is important to me. Even if I might say it’s okay, I might smile and pretend that I can walk away, it’s a lie…because I always hold out that ray of hope. I hold on tight and ride it out until the very end…and beyond.

    I’m the eternal optimist.

    I think what this means for the new year is that while things might seem bleak at times, I’m still going to secretly hold out hope for things to turn out the way that I want them, the way I know that they should. I can talk all the shit that I want, but in the end I’m going to -believe- that everything will turn out for the best.

    I’m not sure if this is what you were after, but that’s what I got out of it. And I’m going to -believe- that it’s right cause well…I am the eternal optimist.

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