Move Your Ass

Today’s meditation was ten minutes long, And focused on the Japanese theory of kotsu kotsu. This translates into “step by step”, and as a reminder that happiness isn’t reaching the end of the journey but rather is found along the path you take to get there.

Today’s draw is the Eight of Wands, which is a representation of quick and energetic forward movement in the areas of one’s passions and enthusiasm, inspiration, and spirituality.

It represents not just determination, but the forward movement that that determination creates. This is a fire card, as in… “light a fire under your ass”.

The Eight of Wands is a good card for me today. I woke up late and I have been running behind ever since. Today is all about the business and getting my order is ready to go for tomorrow. There’s so much to do on Mondays and Thursdays, and when I fall behind like this morning, it just makes it that much harder to get everything done.

Today’s card is telling me that if I bear down and focus on my goal (getting my orders done and everything ready for tomorrow), I will be propelled forward in that direction.

Are use the word propelled for a reason. There are times when I hit my Mondays or Thursdays with all the determination I can muster and yet I feel like I’m moving through quicksand. No matter how hard I try to catch up (or keep up), it never seems to happen.

The Eight of Wands tells me to stay focused, and that if I do so, today will not end up being one of those days.

One thought on “Move Your Ass

  1. *Chuckles at your title today*

    I love you baby. I hope your work goes quickly and smoothly and that you can avoid all the quicksand.

    Don’t forget to eat, my love. I will talk to you when you get a moment to spare.

    Mine. Always


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