Weekly Creativity Prompt – Manna From Above

Prompt: “Pull (at least) three cards and use them to tell us a story that ends in the phrase “manna from above“.

Manna from Above Storytelling with the Tarot of the Hidden RealmIt was a long and arduous battle, and I raged through the night to come out the other side with my blade and clothes coated in crimson. (Ten of Swords)

As I traveled home, weary to the bone, I worried that that I might not have slayed them all. Had one of the beasts gotten past me? Would I arrive to my home only to find all that mattered to me had been burned to the ground in a pile of smoldering ashes? (Nine of Swords and Ten of Pentacles)

And, when I climbed the last rise that lead to my home, I prayed to the heavens that my home would still be there, and that the smoke in the air would be a cook fire and not my family burning. So fearful was I that when I crested the hill and I heard my wife’s shrill, nagging voice carry over the distance to send my ears a-ringing, it was the sweetest sound I’d ever heard, and to my soul it felt like manna from above. (Page of Swords)


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